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Key points to consider when choosing email marketing software

email marketing points to consider

Email Marketing Is one of the most powerful forms of communication in a business. It allows you to efficiently share messages, build a relationship with your customers and sell your services.

As well as being an effective tool, it also offers a fantastic ROI (Return on Investment), according to

, for each pound spent on email marketing you could potentially get £38 back.

Before you choose an email marketing software, there are certain things you should consider, and in our new article, we will be covering just that.

Here at Xigen, we offer our bespoke email marketing software at the most cost-effective prices, that guarantee an increase in efficiency, brand awareness and brand loyalty.

Want to find out more about what you should do when choosing an email marketing software? Read our article.


Constantly sending emails and updating lists can be time-consuming, as well as boring, so selecting an email marketing software that can integrate seamlessly with your CRM will no doubt make things easier. It also provides you with customer data and an overview of key metrics to identify which campaigns are performing the best.

So if you find that an email software does not have to ability to integrate with your CRM, then it’s not worth the investment.

Response Handling

Whether you have a big, small or medium sized company, email response is essential. When it comes to sending mass emails, having a sophisticated software can streamline the whole process. An efficient email software should be able to send a good amount of emails at the same time without breaking down. The software should also be fast so it can cater to your customers quickly. Luckily most email software vendors offer a free trial so you can put this to the test.

Template System

The software should have professionally designed templates that are all responsive and mobile friendly. This should enable your customers to view your emails on whatever device they are using. Ensure that before choosing your software, it has a template mixed between HTML flexibility, so you can design your own template as needed, as well as a template management.

Customer Support

Customer support is essential when it comes to selecting the correct email marketing software. It’s likely that as soon as you choose a particular email software, that you won’t know everything about it, so support is important if you want to know how to use all of the features efficiently.

You should look into what types of customer support they provide. Ask yourself, do they offer live chat to help you in the case of an emergency? Do they only offer support for emails? Do they offer phone support, so you can relax knowing help is just one phone call away? You should ensure their customer service is strong before making your final decision.


Like we mentioned before, most companies that provide email marketing software usually offer a free trial so you can get a feel of what features they offer and if their system will work well with your business. Some software vendors even offer a free plan based on the number of email subscribers you have.

Though having a free trial is good, it’s a marketing tactic businesses use to draw people in, so it’s important to know how much you will be paying after the trial ends and whether it’s in line with your budget. You should always look at their prices before starting to use the software. This will make sure that you choose something that can help grow your business efficiently and affordability.

Well, that’s it. It’s important that you keep these points in mind before choosing an email software. If you want an email software that is quick, has great features and provides integration at a fair price, then look out for these signs. Here at Xigen, we believe our software speaks for itself for speed, quality and ease of use, so why not get in touch today for a chat with one of our digital marketing experts.

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