Bolt is a streamlined and fast content management system (CMS) with a fully responsive backend for seamless multi-platform

Bolt is fully responsive, so using it will mean your website is accessible via desktop computers, laptops, tablets and phones. It features flexible content types for easy creation of a variety of content elements, such as pages, blogs and reviews.

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Bolt CMS Key Features

The powerful Bolt CMS has a variety of appealing features for your website, such as eCommerce and mobile friendly capabilities as well as the flexibility of being highly customisable.

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Easy to Use

The Bolt CMS is so simple to use, it makes development quick and content editing extremely easy.

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Mobile Friendly

The backend interface of Bolt is responsive across multiple platforms, including mobile, to make changes quick, simple and possible wherever you happen to be.

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Bolt is set up perfectly to cater for both B2B and B2C businesses, no matter the nature of your brand.

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Feature Rich

You’ll find that Bolt has a plethora of features to ensure your website stands out from the crowd

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Content Management

This CMS aims to be as easy to use
as possible, making it a great
content platform to set up, maintain and use with elegant simplicity
at its core.

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Highly Customisable

The structure of the Bolt CMS is completely customisable, meaning you can tailor something that works for you.

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Fully Extendable

Allow our development team to achieve a unique website with Bolt that perfectly represents your

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Bolt can be used across multiple platforms and the backend dashboard is fully functional on desktops, laptops tablets and mobile phones.

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Powerful Search

Bolt comes with powerful, built-in search capabilities as standard.

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Bolt’s framework means it has an extremely secure base from which to work.

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Silex/Symfony PHP Framework

Bolt CMS is built on Silex and uses many Symfony components.
Silex and Symfony are both popular and well-regarded PHP frameworks and, as such, provide a rock-solid base for development.

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Faster Development Time

Bolt sites benefit from a swift development time simply because it was created with this in mind – you’ll be up and running in no time and its simple to extend from there.

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SEO Tools

Bolt has the tools and capability to provide your business with robust
SEO options.

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Flexible Content Types

The flexible content types in Bolt CMS create the freedom to make your website match up to your vision.

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Custom Tags/Groups

Bolt’s capabilities for tags and
groups allow for complete CMS freedom.

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eCommerce Friendly

A huge part of Bolt’s appeal is that it’s eCommerce friendly, meaning your brand website will be set up ready to evolve.

Xigen & Bolt

Our expert website design and development team create mobile-friendly Bolt CMS sites that are optimised for your audience.


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