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The Importance of Banner Ad Campaigns

Banner ad campaigns

Digital marketing has become more and more important for increasing revenue over the years. Therefore, it is vital that your online marketing campaigns are up to scratch. This type of advertising allows you to sell your products or services through visually appealing text as well as graphics, animation and video. Strategically placing ads on sites that are already appealing to your target market will help make your ads relevant, personalised and timely. All these help your campaign greatly by increasing click through rates and therefore sales.

Here are some benefits that you should consider when deciding whether to invest in an online advertising campaign:

No expensive long term contracts

Advertising can be very expansive especially when forced to sign up for long term contracts when you only need short exposure for example event promotions or sales. Online advertising allows you to avoid these extra costs as they can be displayed for as short as necessary. It costs less and can also give you the opportunity to control and change your campaign based on the performance of the ads.

Completes your brand circle

Online advertising hasn’t replaced traditional methods of advertising but has completed the brand circle. The internet with its billions of users opens endless opportunities for growth and expansion. Print, TV and radio advertising will not allow a business to reach every market available. Therefore, using online advertising as well as tri-media advertising will help increase brand recognition and therefore sales.

Benefit from “Geo-targeting”

Display adverts allow you to control and personalise your online advertisements so that you can efficiently zero in on your target markets. For example, if you deliver pizza in a certain location, you can let your local market know by showing a banner ad with a telephone number and order information.

Entice your audience by knowing their interests

If you know your target demographics, you will understand their interests and what will captivate them. This information is vital when you come to design your banner advertisements. Making sure that the ads grab the user attention. Also browsers will place ads based on the user’s interests which will ensure that your banners are being seen by your target market. Allowing the users experience to be personalised for their interests.

Ads featured on relevant sites

Your knowledge of your audience’s interests allows you to place ads on websites that they will usually visit or content that they read. Banner ads that feature alongside relevant content increase the likelihood of traffic and conversion rates. There is nothing worse than spending on a campaign that yields no conversions. Placing ads on sites that are not relative is a futile and expensive exercise.

Use transparency to your advantage

Having the ability to track or gather feedback from your ads is critical. Other forms of advertising can be very hard to track, whereas display ads can give you weekly or even daily updates. This information tells you whether you online marketing is working or ads need tweaking. Feedback reports will result in better strategies and more successful marketing.

Lower marketing costs

Online advertising is not expensive at all; tri-media and use of billboards is typically more. This form of advertising has benefited small business and entrepreneurs greatly allowing them to compete with larger companies advertising campaigns. With billions of internet user, you can reach a wider target audience for little expense.

If you require help with your online banner advertising campaigns. Xigen have a team of experienced designers and web developers well versed in the creation of both standard and rich HTML5 display adverts, taking advantage of the latest techniques.

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