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How to find your local SEO agency

how to find your local SEO agency

There are many important questions you should ask yourself when venturing out to look for a local SEO agency. Just in case you’re unfamiliar with the term ‘local SEO’, it’s essentially a way to optimise your website so the people in your local area can easily find your company.

However, local SEO can be complicated, so it’s important that you find a company that specialises in it. There are several steps you should consider taking when it comes to finding the company that will efficiently optimise your website.

Since you’re here it would be rude of us not to tell you that we at Xigen also offer Local SEO, we can ensure your website is well optimised in your local area to boost your sales and improve brand recognition in your area.

So anyway, do you want to find out how you can find your local SEO agency? Well, read our article, for more!

#1. Ask about their SEO Strategy.

Every company has their own way of doing things, and when it comes to SEO it’s no different. Some companies might specialise in one vertical while other companies might specialise in several verticals. Anyway with that being said, the SEO company should be confident about their approach with SEO. When talking to a company, you should ask them about their approach and how they can apply it to your company.

#2. Ask about the tools they use

There are so many SEO tools and guides out there like Google analytics that make SEO much easier and faster. Asking about the tools they use can give you some more insight about their approach to SEO. It’s important that you do your research so you know what they are talking about, and so you understand any keywords they might use when explaining.

#3. Get a lot of consultations

Just imagine this. If you were an employer interviewing different people, you wouldn’t just go for the first person, right? So why do the same when it comes to SEO. Get multiple consultations and see what each business if offering. Don’t just accept the first proposal you get from the first company you come across. Once you go to different consultations you can then decide which company sounds the best and is offering the best price for your budget. The consultations you have gone to should then contribute to your overall final decision.

#4. Ask about their mobile strategy

SEO on mobile and desktop are completely different. If you perform well on desktop, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will perform well on mobile. Therefore, every Local SEO agency should have their own approach to SEO for mobile. So, ask them about it.

#5. Ask about the SEO reports

Local SEO reports are different than national campaign, so you should ask about it. The reports should include:

  • Your keywords
  • Keyword Ranking for each location
  • Traffic for each location
  • What they have done for the month
  • Their goals for the next month

#6. Ask for Case Studies

You might run into some case studies on their website, but sometimes they’re fake. Always put them on the spot, we know this might sound mean, but if they have a solid answer for you on the spot, then it most likely means that their case studies are legitimate.

#7. Organic Results

There are no shortcuts when it comes to SEO. Google and any other search engines hate inorganic SEO except when using their AdWords, so much so that you could even be blacklisted for it. So, it’s important you ask them about how they plan on ranking your website for organic results. Your business shouldn’t just appear on the local 3-pack:

Organic search results page

Your business should also appear below the local 3 pack because you want customers to see your listing even when it’s not in the local 3. So, you should definitely ask about that.

#8. Ask about Webmaster’s Guidelines

You cannot wing SEO and there is a right and wrong way to do it. The right way to do it is to follow the webmaster’s guidelines, if not they could end up damaging your business instead of helping it.

There we have it, just some tips on how you can find your local SEO agency efficiently. At Xigen we’re always happy to answer any of your questions on these subjects and any others. Be sure to query all the businesses you’re interested in, including us, just so you are sure you’re working with professionals.

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