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Five inspiring motion design campaigns

5 inspiring motion design campaigns

Motion design has grown in popularity over the past few years and are most commonly found in TV Advertisements and films. If you don’t know what it is, we’ll explain for you. Firstly, we have to look at the phrase itself, ‘motion design’. It’s a shortened version of ‘motion graphic design’ and, like it’s name suggests, it involves motion, graphics and design.

It is essentially playing with moving graphics and designing what happens with them. It’s likely you have seen motion graphics before as they are normally used for opening titles for movies and you can also find them in advertisements. In the case that you do know what motion design is and you’re just looking for some inspiration, then look no further! In our brand-new article we will be showing you five motion design campaigns that really caught our eye and can potentially inspire you!

#1. Ghost in the Shell:

This is a huge one and was done by extremely professional designers.

Ghost in the shell motion design campaign example

The movie adaptation of Ghost in the Shell incorporates lots of graphic motion. The director Rupert Sanders wanted to create a futuristic take on Japan and used the company Territory Studio to help. The use of motion graphics is stunning and realistic as well. A futuristic japan was indeed created.

Advertising Solograms:

advertising solograms motion design campaign example

To populate the city and to create a more animated version of japan, 3D figures were used. Territory Studios’ real challenge was figuring out how the advertising elements will look and behave with the environment. They wanted the animation to look real to an extent, so to achieve this, they made each element look tangible during the daylight or street scene, but could be walked through.

You can view the full motion graphic here: Behance

#2. Ojo CRM:

OJO CRM motion design campaign example

This a completely different from Ghost in the Shell, but it’s still as effective and beautiful. It involves a still laptop with some moving elements around it. This creates a fun and engaging design and is perfect for any business in the web design field who want to showcase their previous work, while still being fun and creative.

You can view the full motion graphic here: Behance

#3. Anatomy of a Computer Virus

Anatomy of computer viruses motion design campaign example

This motion graphic design by Patrick Clair features smooth transitions. It was created for an Australian TV program and breaks down the first weapon made entirely out of code. Its use of providing valuable information while showing amazing graphics creates an engaging yet educational design.

You can view the full motion graphic here: Antibody

#4. Nike Genealogy of Innovation

Nike motion design campaign example

This motion graphic by Golden Wolf is an amazing mix of creativity and skill. It takes the user back to Nike’s humble beginnings and shows us how far they’ve come. The layout and colours makes this an extremely astonishing piece!

You can view the full motion graphic here: Golden Wolf

#5. Bananas

Bananas motion design campaign example

This motion graphic design by Xander Marritt and Elias Freiberger is extremely creative. It features weird and quirky motion designs, which is why we love it. It’s not the conventional motion graphic, it’s simple concept combined with fun designs, makes it truly unique!

We hope you have felt inspired by our pick of amazing motion designs. Why not contact us today for a chat with a motion design expert and see how we can help create the perfect motion design for you?

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