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Cinemagraphs: The hot new way to add motion to your digital marketing

Cinemagraphs in Digital marketing

Chances are that if you have spent any time online in the last three to four years, you will have noticed a new trend in digital design. Still images are being brought to life with the application of subtle, and sometimes more overt, looping motion. Water rippling beneath a bather in a pool, a waterfall rushing in an otherwise still environment, hair waving or fabric rising and falling around a motionless figure. Photographs brought to life, these cinemagraphs are being used with increasing frequency to generate interest and draw attention to marketing campaigns.

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Cinemagraphic video

Grab Attention

The primary use to which cinemagraphs are put is to draw the attention of the viewer. The cinemagraph is composed of both moving and static parts which create a form of dissonance in the viewer. It is this dissonance that helps attract the eye. Often, the subtlest of movement is all it takes to draw the viewer in. When combined with stunning visuals and a compelling message, attention is drawn and held.

Cinemagraphic moving video

A Picture Says 1000 Words

It is true that a picture can convey a message far more efficiently and succinctly than block of text. Imagine therefore, how much more effective a moving image (even one with subtle motion) can be at delivering a mood, message or idea. To convey a feeling of tranquillity and peace you might show an image of a calm lake or clear blue sea. How much more calming would that be if the water moved and rippled in a smooth rhythmic way? To convey a sense of heat or passion you might show an image of a fire or flames. If the flames moved, rising and falling, how much more heat would be implied?

A Slice of Time

More than this, a cinemagraph can be used to highlight a specific moment in time, isolating that moment within a looping series of frames. You can take a tiny moment of time, and see it in motion indefinitely. We can see liquid pouring into a glass forever, without the glass overflowing. A car can drive down a stretch of road without ever reaching its destination. When used correctly a cinemagraph be used to tell a complete story in one image.

Cinemagraphic video
Easy Access

Unlike video, there is really no barrier to entry for a cinemagraph.  No play button for the user to initiate the playthrough. Everything is up front and on display from the time that the page loads.

Cinemagraphic moving video
Multiple Formats

A cimemagraph is not simply a variation on the typical animated gif (although some might be). Animated gifs are just one way (and certainly not the best or most efficient way) to display this type of effect on a web page. In most cases the cinemagraph is a video file embedded into the page and set to auto-play and auto-loop. As crazy as this sounds, with modern HTML techniques, this is usually a much less memory intensive method of displaying the effect than animated gifs, and will display a much better result. In fact, you can display the same image as an HD video and still not use the same amount of memory as a 256-colour gif. There may still be a case for using animated gifs in some instances (emails are a good example of where it would be appropriate) but, for the most part, technology has moved far beyond the point that this would be necessary.

High definition storytelling with attention grabbing design and no barrier to entry! Why not take advantage of this exciting new trend and reap the benefits that cinemagraphs can bring to you and your business. Give Xigen a call and see if we can help create the perfect cinemagraph for you?

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