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7 reasons why you should switch to managed hosting

7 reasons for Managed hosting

In this day and age, managed hosting has become the standard, especially for larger companies. The cloud does offer some potential, but not every company can leverage what the cloud has to offer.

Managed hosting minimises the number of hands-on IT work, keeping everything working at peak performance. With managed hosting, the company handles all the hardware, while you focus on the software.

Managed hosting is perfect for those who don’t really have the knowledge, time or staff to start managing a web server.

In our new article, we will be giving you 7 reasons why we think you should switch to managed hosting – if you haven’t already -. Since you’re here, we’ll mention that we offer managed hosting! Our IT team will ensure every part of your hardware is working smoothly and seamlessly with your software, to keep your workflow steady.

Ready to find out why you should switch to managed hosting? Read on!

What is Managed Hosting

Before we start explaining why you should switch to managed hosting, we think it’s beneficial if we actually explained what it is. Well, as the name suggests, managed hosting is a hosting plan that is administrated by the hosting service provider. managed hosting provides users with plenty of resources and time with maintaining their website.

Why should I switch?

Like we mentioned before, there are a number of reasons why we think you should switch to managed hosting, it will not only give you time to spend on the software side of your website, it also makes workflow more efficient, and there are many more reasons, including:

  1. Custom Programming Options

  2. You may need managed hosting to meet the requirements of custom programming. This may include shell scripts, cron jobs and any other custom software you have in mind. A shared web hosting does not offer many custom programming options. With a managed server, you can pick what server you want, what operating systems you need and other custom programming options. So, in conclusion, managed hosting gives users full control over their hosting environment.
  3. Enhanced Security

  4. With managed hosting, only you and your hosting service provider have access to the physical server where all of your applications are hosted. Shared hosting Is only safe if the company decides to offer protection, however, these servers are still vulnerable to security breaches, viruses, hacks and other risks. One of the problems with shared hosting is that users are not always informed, so it may take users weeks or even months before they know if their website has been breached.Managed hosting will offer optimal security for your website and other stored user information, this means if there are installation or updates, the user will be fully informed.
  5. Cost

  6. With managed hosting, your service provider is responsible for any upgrades and installation, and just providing the best physical environment for your web server. You pay for what you use, so if there are some features you feel you don’t need, there are several plans you can choose from that goes in line with your requirements as well as your budget. With shared hosting, the options are limited and users tend to pay for features they will never use. So essentially managed hosting pays more.
  7. Reliable Bandwidth

  8. For managed Hosting, you will always get the same bandwidth all the time, unlike with shared hosting where users are sharing a server environment and it’s likely they might lose bandwidth because of other users. A good and reliable bandwidth makes sure all of your applications are always running.
  9. Full control of applications

  10. With managed hosting, you get to pick and choose what management tools and various other applications you want to use for your hosting environment. For the best results, ensure that the tools and application that you want to use are serviceable for your hosting provider, or things might get a bit stressful.
  11. Focus on Other things

  12. Like we mentioned before, with managed hosting, your service provider will be focusing on the hardware aspect of your server, which frees up some staff and gives them a chance to focus on strategic issues. You can use the extra time and staff to start focusing on developing new applications to help your business grow.Working on new things in your business also takes away from the same repetitive tasks, which can potentially increase morale.
  13. Prepared for Disasters

  14. Since managed hosting provides adequate security, you are amazingly protected even when the most unexpected disaster strikes. With managed hosting, any potential threat or disaster are locked in various seismic zones. You can even go for backup solutions to make sure your data and resources are available to you, in any case, disaster strikes.

Well, that’s it; 7 amazing reasons why you should switch to managed hosting now. it gives you a chance to focus on other aspects of your business, provides optimum safety and flexible costs. Here at Xigen, we can guide you through finding a managed hosting package that is ideally suited to your needs, and at a competitive price to boot! What is better than that?

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