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36 Days of Type!

36 Days of Type

Xigen’s 36 days of type

Celebrating the crowd-designed alphabet

36 days of type is a social media movement that happens once a year. It brings together designers, illustrators and graphic artists and invites them to express the creativity through typography. At Xigen we decided to embrace the creative and see what we could come up with. All our designs are available to view on the Xigen Instagram page.

How does it work?

36 days of type

The concept was first thought up by graphic designers Nina Sans and Rafa Goicoechea and since its start up has attracted a strong following within the design community. The idea is pretty simple… assign one letter or number for every calendar day. For each day, any designer, illustrator and or artist can interpret the letterform in an creative and fresh way and upload it to Instagram with the hashtag #36DaysofType. This year has been particularly popular and has almost 64,000 followers.

What have we learnt?

36 days of type has been beneficial for a multitude of reasons. Creatively we’ve been able to push the limits of our capabilities and delve into the unknown. Typography isn’t always something we get to experiment with as an agency so its proved fun getting the time to push the boundaries.

It’s also helped us bring these ideas into our design work for our clients, experimenting with different forms and styles and even colour palettes.

Check out some of our designs below

O and X
e and P
D and L
O and H

If you like these designs please check out Xigen’s Digital Design page.

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