What is D2C?

The purpose of this publication is to offer insights into the direct-to-consumer (D2C) approach to ecommerce and brand building. We will explore what D2C is and how it could benefit your business, online and offline. We will look at examples of what D2C can offer in terms of customer relationships, business agility and flexibility, consumer experiences, some real-world examples, as well as zooming out to see how D2C is challenging traditional retail models.

D2C is a business model where brands and manufacturers market, sell and deliver products directly to customers without relying on distributors, wholesalers and retailers, freeing them to choose how they interact with their audience and putting them in control of their brand’s identity and message. Whether that’s online sales, opening pop-up stores or partnering with a brick-and-mortar retailer, the agility that D2C affords can put you firmly in the driving seat.

The key benefits of D2C

Faster time to market

Whether your brand sources its products or manufactures them, there will always be new products in the pipeline. With the control that D2C offers, you can get feedback on new products and survey specific customer segments on new product development relatively easily, compared to a traditional business model that relies on third party involvement. This makes market research easier, speeding up new product development or acquisition for much faster times to market.

Discover D2C and how it could benefit your business

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