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As an expert eCommerce system integrator, we understand that the smooth running of your whole operation is of paramount importance. That’s why we also offer API, or application programming interface, plus support for a variety of elements such as warehousing, invoicing and shipping, plus CRMs and sales channels.

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Types of System Integrations for your eCommerce store

In order for an eCommerce website to perform the way your business requires, there are many types of system integrations you’ll need. Important eCommerce systems integrations include:

At Xigen, we build bespoke, technical websites created exactly to your business requirements. The integration of the eCommerce systems you require creates an efficient omnichannel site built to work just the way you need it to. Not only that, but we offer 24/7 eCommerce support and maintenance to ensure your business stays on track.

ERP Integration

Enterprise resource planning, or ERP, software can truly make your business tick. ERP is designed to bring together essential processes all in one place to streamline the organisation of your eCommerce business. For instance, ERP can centralise your CRM, inventory management and invoicing systems - all functions crucial to your processes that can be brought together.

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Analytics Integration

To ensure your business keeps moving forwards, it’s essential to have eyes on your data. Analytics integration allows you to assess customer activity on your website, including information about transactions, conversion rates and order value.

Data is crucial to the success of your business - it can help you to personalise what you offer and create a truly unique shopping experience for your customers.

Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics is not only a free tool, it’s robust, thorough and gives comprehensive and relevant information for a business to work with. It tracks your website performance and offers insight into your marketing, content and more.

CRM Integration

CRM systems hold customer data and allow many different aspects of a business to understand the customer, how they interact with the brand and how their needs can be better served. With CRM integration added to your stack of eCommerce integration technology, you’ll be able to understand how to reach your customers with the relevant products and services.

Business Intelligence Software Integration

To better understand the strengths and weaknesses of your business, we’d recommend integrating business intelligence (BI) software into your system.

API Integration

An API is an application programming interface and facilitates the seamless communication between your businesses data, applications, and devices.

POS Integration

POS, or point of sale, systems help a businesses eCommerce website manage operations, sales and purchases.

Marketplace Integration

In order for your products to reach a wider audience, you can use marketplace integration to sell on the world's largest online platforms. Employing an integration solution can simplify this and market your brand name in the process.

Amazon Integration

Amazon is the largest online marketplace in the world, so integration with this platform can expand your brand reach and grow your business.

Ebay Integration

One of the most recognisable brands in the world, integration with eBay marketplace can accelerate your sales, helping you scale around the globe.

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