What is Ignite eCommerce built on?

Ignite eCommerce is built on WooCommerce, the most popular webstore on the planet. Itโ€™s a fully customisable eCommerce solution that gives small and medium sized businesses the power to reach new customers worldwide.


Built on trust
WooCommerce is built on WordPress, the platform that powers 34% of the web. Itโ€™s used by eCommerce businesses the world over and features security audited code.


Keeping it lean
WooCommerceโ€™s plugin architecture enables you to only use the features that you need for your business, keeping your webstore streamlined and flexible.


Content is king
Seamlessly combine content and commerce with WooCommerce to help engage and convert customers, with image optimisation for faster page load speed.


Measure and manage
Understand how your webstore is performing in terms of conversion rates, customer behaviour, cart data and more, enabling you to make more informed business decisions.


Generate reports that give you a clearer view of your business. WooCommerce reports on sales data, refund and voucher use information, product data such as best sellers and most profitable, the list goes on.


Business growth
As your business grows, your Ignite eCommerce webstore can grow too. Itโ€™s highly scalable so you can be sure it will be able to cope as traffic increases as orders rise.


Mobile commerce is a vital part of your online presence. With Ignite eCommerce, your customers will be able to shop with you on their mobile phones and tablets.


Ignite eCommerceโ€™s search engine optimisation (SEO) capability enables your webstore to rank higher in Google searches, making it easier for customers to find you.

Sell online and build brand Equity

Your brick-and-mortar store isnโ€™t open 24/7. With a Ignite eCommerce webstore you are open for business whenever your customers want to shop, whatever their location.


Sell anything
Practically anything that can be sold in a brick-and-mortar store can be sold in a Ignite eCommerce webstore. If your business stocks it, you can sell it with Ignite eCommerce.


Easier product listing
Ignite eCommerce allows you to easily import and export product information, such as descriptions and prices etc., using simple CSV files to save time.


Product variations
If you have products that are in different colours, sizes, types etc., Ignite eCommerce enables you to set up individual listings, with different images, prices and listed stock levels.


Finding products
Your Ignite eCommerce webstore will enable consumers to easily search and filter for products using categories and description tags such as size, colour, type and more.


Guest checkout
Faster checkout so consumers donโ€™t have to open an account. The time it takes to fill in a longer form at checkout can cause potential customers to abandon their purchase.


Taking payment
Payment methods are taken care of by Ignite eCommerce. Using Stripe, WorldPay, SagePay and PayPal you can securely accept cards, bank transfers and even cash on delivery.


Easy refund
Offer your customer one-click refunds. This option takes the pain out of refunds for better customer service and easier stock management.


Start blogging
Be better connected with consumers by publishing blogs and articles on your Ignite eCommerce webstore and linking to them from social media, to initiate conversations and help drive traffic to your webstore.


Display reviews to help consumers trust your webstore. Seeing that existing customers are satisfied and happy to shop with your business helps persuade potential customers to purchase.

Order and customer management

A smooth order management process is the lynchpin of your Ignite eCommerce webstore. Being able to process and despatch orders quickly and efficiently, and keep your customers informed, is key to business success.


End-to-end order management

Manage orders from the moment of purchase through to delivery. Ignite eCommerce handles the entire order fulfilment process.



If you want to extend your businessโ€™s reach, you can set your Ignite eCommerce webstore for local currency, language and conventions to improve customer engagement.


Flexible shipping

Tailor your shipping options to suit your business, automatically calculating rates and taxes based on customer location.


Customer contact

Automated emails keep customers informed, with updates at each critical stage of their order: order confirmation, processing information and dispatch notification.


Stock management

Manage your inventory with Ignite eCommerce. Track stock levels, receive notifications when stock levels run low, manage refund stock and more.

Optimisation and increased conversion

Itโ€™s important to make your webstore as findable and as appealing as possible to consumers. Ignite eCommerce offers a variety of tools for optimisation.


Search Engine Optimisation

Good SEO practice is vital to help keep your webstore higher up in search results. Ignite eCommerce has a reputation for outstanding SEO practices.



Track user activity, shopping behaviour, analyse performance and more. Ignite eCommerce analytics offer a clearer picture of your webstoreโ€™s activity.



Keep a constant eye on your webstoreโ€™s performance using the Ignite eCommerce dashboard. See summaries of the activities that are most important to your business.



Offer customers related products to those they are viewing or purchasing, to help increase conversion rates and average transaction value.


Special offers

Ignite eCommerce enables you to offer your customers special offers and discounts. This could be money off, free shipping or multi-buy voucher codes.

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