Vicon is the leading developer of motion capture products and services for the life sciences, entertainment, virtual reality, and engineering industries

Established in 1984, Vicon is an Academy Award winning motion capture technology specialist, providing tailored motion capture systems for any application, including life sciences, media & entertainment, location-based virtual reality and engineering. With customers in 70 countries, Vicon is a world leader and innovator in its field.

Vicon are the world’s number one choice in motion capture for over 35 years.

Service overview

The challenge

Vicon wanted to transform their website to bring it in line with business requirements for 2019 and beyond. Our challenge was to develop a new-look website, featuring new user interface (UI) elements and new ecommerce features to give users more intuitive journeys and to extend business reach into new areas with extra payment options and new order fulfilment capability.


The first thing we did for this transformation project was to work closely with Vicon to understand where to focus development for their new website. We always begin new projects with this discovery phase, which involves spending time with clients so we can really understand what they want to achieve.

We consulted with Vicon in the UK and US to get under the skin of how their new website should look and function. Once we had discovered what Vicon needed, and a way forward was agreed, our in-house digital design and ecommerce development teams went to work.

Wireframe concepts

After the discovery phase we took the design concepts and, using wireframes, gave them form. Wireframes enabled us to communicate our design ideas quickly and transparently so Vicon could easily understand how the new elements would work. Wireframes also allow us to hone UX, to create frictionless and intuitive user journeys. Wireframes provide a visual representation of web pages so we can understand how new UI will work before any time consuming and expensive development is done.

"Working with Vicon on this exciting project enabled us to really show what a website transformation can achieve. The most important phase of the project was discovery. Really understanding what Vicon wanted meant we were able to deliver a website that ticks all the boxes, for improved user experiences, high performance ecommerce and fantastic looks!"

James Pruden
Managing Director, Xigen

Animated UI cards

We implemented UI cards on the Homepage for easy and intuitive navigation. These take users to each of Vicon’s four main areas: Life Sciences, Media & Entertainment, Engineering and VR. This enables users to go straight to their area of interest with a single click. We used the same technique for Vicon’s Products section, using UI cards to drive users to their four main product areas: Software, Cameras, Inertial Sensors and Devices & Accessories.

This takes users directly to large product images and specs, with the option to download brochures for more in-depth and technical product information.


We developed a new ecommerce solution for Vicon. This enables Vicon to sell hardware products such as inertial sensors and accessories via the new website, offering customers worldwide fulfilment, potentially opening up new and lucrative routes to market. We developed the new ecommerce solution with PayPal integration, offering global users more flexible ways to purchase.


The final transformation includes new, larger heroes and video content showcasing Vicon’s techniques and products. Using larger images, video and clearer signposting we have improved UX, making the new website more engaging and informative. The new website look projects Vicon as an industry leader, with a strong emphasis on its cutting-edge work and expertise.

Vicon is delighted with the transformation. The new website has a sleeker more professional look and offers users improved UX with the capability to buy Vicon products directly online.

Studio set up for recording
A stylish camera set up on tripod Vicon Vero camera

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