Epson wanted to take their innovative printers, scanners and projectors on a roadshow to highlight the benefits of the latest equipment to their resellers in the UK and Ireland.

Xigen was asked to design an email to send out to the reseller network to advertise this, showing when and where they would be and to invite the resellers to find out more about the equipment, view demonstrations and hear about their latest offers.

Epson UK EcoTank Reseller Roadshow



The design of the email had to get a lot of basic information across to the reader in such a way as to make it interesting and easy to read. Location dates and times had to be presented chronologically, in a way that was natural and quick to read, but which also encouraged the reader to find the nearest location to them. The design couldn’t follow the usual form to the resellers – it wasn’t a regular newsletter so had to stand out so that it would capture the attention. This meant that we couldn’t use a standard template, instead designing the email from scratch. As always, on mobile and tablet devices too.



Refreshing design

The result was an engaging and colourful email that had a very open and out of doors feel. Staying true to the idea of a roadshow, even down to the vans and lorries being in Epson blue, the overall feel was a very free and easy email to read. The use of pastel colours in the design as well as the depiction of the wind turbines encouraged the reader to consider the green credentials of the products and the layout of the text, matching the path of the road was a completely different approach.

Epson email marketing design
engaging email marketing message

Engaging message

The long and windy road that travelled throughout the email conveyed how much of the country was being covered by the roadshow, as well as the distance travelled to bring the products to the selected resellers. At every step of the way, the reader was encouraged to engage with the email and visit the roadshow website.

Innovative and fun

The technical challenges provided by the free-flowing design of this email were considerable, and putting it together so that it looked good and conveyed the same sense of journey on both desktop and mobile devices required a large amount of skill from our developers. As a digital agency, we thrive on the innovative and unusual, and from start to finish this was a fun, exciting and challenging EDM project to be part of.

creative email marketing design
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