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Landing Page

Xigen were asked to assist Epson with the creation of a new page for the student market. The aim was to showcase all the products that would be useful to a budding student, both in their studies and leisure activities, at competitive discounted prices. The design and layout needed to appear to a younger market in a fresh new way, encouraging them to read and engage with the page all the way to the end.

Student Engaging Landing Page Design Creative Landing Page Design for Students

The Challenge

The main challenge for us at Xigen was the need to create a page that had a bright and trendy feel, that would appeal to someone who was moving on from school to university and needed extra equipment to help with their studies.

exciting and bright landing page design

Landing page build

The Landing page was created with bright, clean colours that also contained a leopard print motif. The motif combined with other brightly coloured ‘blobs’ on the page gave a very modern feel. They also served to break up the regular layout of the page and make it nicer to look at and easier to read.

Creatve landing page website design

Student engaging website development Enagaging landing page for students Enagaging landing page for students Engaging landing page Design Creative landing page Design colourful landing page design

“Here at Xigen our goal is to help our clients consistently out-perform their competitors, making them stand out from the crowd. We created a bright and fashionable design, that would appeal to someone who was moving on from school to university and needed extra equipment to help with their studies, in an exciting and unforgettable way.”

James Pruden
Managing Director - Xigen

Creative Epson Prnt design products for students Engaging landing page Design assets

Fully Responsive

Most students these days do a lot of their browsing and shopping on a mobile device, so the page also had to look just as stunning on a phone or a tablet. With a fully responsive design built in from the beginning the designers and developers made sure that it looked good whatever device the page was viewed on, from the smallest mobile phone to the largest tablet.

alt alt alt alt


This was a fantastic project to work on because it really allowed our designers to get creative. Most projects need to conform to briefs that remain within certain brand guidelines. This project allowed us to bend those rules in a very creative way. The flexibility that the brief encouraged allowed us to create an extraordinarily beautiful page that showed off the Epson product range in a fun and informative way.

creative design aspects for a landing page Exciting Landing Page design
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