What are Transcreation and Localisation Services?

So, what is transcreation in the translation and localisation of your website and how will these services help your business? When you decide you want your business to reach audiences in different markets, your website needs to be able to speak to new customers in their language.

There are a number of translation methods, including transcreation and website localisation - using a combination will give you a comprehensive and effectively translated site.

This will include:

  • Ensuring website copy and content is translated
  • Traditions, culture and consumer preferences are accounted for
  • Layout, font, imagery and colours are considered and adapted appropriately
  • Any industry-specific language is delicately translated
  • Any brand messaging/tone of voice using elements such as humour are translated effectively and with care
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Transcreation Services

Sometimes it’s necessary to produce websites from creative briefs, rather than adapting an existing site. As a transcreation agency, we have specialists who are native speaking translators. These transcreation experts are also highly skilled digital copywriters, enabling us to reimagine website content for very specific international audience segments. Transcreation allows you to recreate the meaning, tone and style of your message - not just a straight like-for-like adaptation of the words.

Localisation Services

Our website translation services offer reproduction of English websites into any number of different languages, whether in Cyrillic, Arabic, Hebrew, Korean, Chinese or Japanese alphabet or script. With our website localisation solutions, we can translate any language for any purpose - from a single webpage to an entire enterprise level site.

The importance of Website Language Translation

We understand that language is complex, so as a transcreation agency with our customers at the heart of all we do, we dig a little deeper. Website translation doesn’t just replace one language for another, word-for-word. The process is more nuanced, taking grammar and idiom into account. Some countries have different cultural references, metaphors and general worldview, making certain English phrases problematic or even impossible to translate literally. This is where our creative translation experts come in.

Digital Translation Services: Helping your Business Reach International Marketplaces

As a specialist transcreation agency, we are committed to helping you reach international audiences. Website translation companies offer a variety of services when it comes to transcreation and localisation, but at Xigen we provide bespoke strategies catering specifically for each business we work with.

Our localisation and transcreation services apply not just to your website, but to all marketing collateral – ensuring that images, video and graphic design elements are culturally appropriate.

Our Localisation Process

Standard website translation would just look at the word-for-word translation, whereas localisation is far more detailed and looks at the whole picture. Our robust website localisation process takes into account everything from layout to font.

Our Transcreation Process

Xigen is a specialist transcreation agency, meaning we begin by carefully discovering all we can about your brand. This allows us to perfectly adapt your messaging into a number of languages – whether you use a humorous tone or have punchy slogans, we’ll ensure everything is translated with the utmost care and still make sense for your target audience.

Video voice-over translation

Our expert translators also work with audio and video voiceover translations for content such as podcasts, webinars and marketing video material. Precisely translating your video content will help you to maximise global engagement. The numbers don’t lie in this regard – 82% of Twitter users watch video content and YouTube has a billion user reach – translating video is powerful.

Translation of digital content

At Xigen, we’re experts in multilingual optimisation. The digital content we translate for businesses of all sizes is carefully carried out by our native speaking translators. No matter whether you need translation for short or long form copy, reports and case studies or blogs and social media – the messaging and intent of your digital content will be localised to engage all audiences.

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Print & Digital

It would be easy to think that digital content should be your focus, but print marketing is still a powerful tool and the translation of both types of content is key to global engagement. We translate everything from print brochures to OOH billboard campaigns and always account for technical and specialist content and ensure both local terms and phrasing are used.

The differences between translation, transcreation & localisation

There are differences between translation, transcreation and localisation, and the combined use of these website translation methods will ensure the effectiveness of your global ambitions.

Website localisation is a process that accounts for things such as differences in metrics, colour schemes, pricing, images and everything else that might have meaning, to ensure it fits the target culture.

Transcreation services take the way a marketing message is communicated in one language and culture, and reimagines it in another. This ensures that the central meaning in the message hits home in the target culture. Website translation and localisation adapt existing content while transcreation starts new, from brief.

Integration with Content Management Systems

Without the expertise and the assistance of comprehensive tools, website translation, transcreation and localisation can be complicated. As part of our services, we ensure the smooth translation and publishing of your content by integrating your CMS with our website translation system.

Transcreation & Localisation Articles

Hear about all the latest website translation and transcreation news via our insights centre. If you'd love to learn more about our services and how we can assist your brand, get in touch with one of our website localisation specialists today.