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Epson is one of the world’s largest and best-known makers of printers and projectors. It was a pioneer of printer and projection technology and today continues to innovate. Epson creates products not only for business, but also for entertainment and education.

Service overview

The Challenge

Epson wanted to spread the word about upcoming product promotions. They needed to communicate with their existing audiences and engage new prospects in the UK, Germany and Italy, letting them know about product deals in Summer Sale, Back to School and Black Friday campaigns. To enable Epson to get their message out, we needed to create social media campaign assets to launch on Facebook.

The Assets

Tile Images

Our digital design specialists went to work creating hundreds of tile images, each showing an Epson product, printers and projectors, which included promotional messaging, call-to-action and the offer deal—pricing or percentage saving.

Each set of tile images was tailored to be campaign specific. Summer Sale tiles included summer imagery, such as holiday apparel and bright colours, Back to School featured chalkboard and classroom imagery and Black Friday tile images had a darker neon-noir look. The tile images were designed to be used as cards in Facebook’s ad carousels.

The tile images were tuned to each campaign context. This is vital to ensure that your social media ad output strikes the right tone and mood for your audience segments. This includes not only imagery, but also appropriate copy tone of voice, clear branding and strong calls-to-action.

Facebook ads mobile preview

The Campaign

Facebook ad carousels

Facebook ad carousels enable multiple image cards to be published in a single ad, where users view the images by swiping left and right. For the Epson campaigns five or six cards were used in each carousel, with four or five cards showing different Epson products and deals and the final card showing Epson branding. The product cards featured a Shop Now button to take consumers directly to Epson’s eCommerce portal.

Facebook tests and orders carousel content on the number of clicks each card receives, enabling the lowest performing deals to be replaced or removed to help optimise conversion rates, ensuring the ad carousel campaigns were healthy and working as hard as possible.

Trafford Centre Poster Spookily Good Deals Save 70 pounds Back to school sale Save 80 pounds Rugby Pitch

“Our team of expert marketers and designers created a suite of marketing collateral for Epson to communicate with both new prospects and their existing customers on Facebook. We thoroughly enjoyed working with the team at Epson and are proud to have made a difference through this valuable communication channel.”

James Pruden
Managing Director, Xigen


Epson was delighted with the Facebook campaign assets that we created. The popularity of Facebook means that advertising there, and on other social media platforms, can reach wider audiences and deeper into specific audience segments, strengthening brand integrity and maximising ROI.

Are you getting the most out of your social media marketing?

It can be very cost effective to create a Facebook ad campaign. We create assets and devise a strategy to make your brand more visible to online consumers. Find out how we can help get your products noticed on social media. Contact us now for a chat with one of our digital marketing and eCommerce specialists.

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