Xigen designed, developed and deployed several rich media banner adverts supporting the release of the new Audi A8 Saloon

The new Audi A8 Saloon represents the future of the luxury class with new levels of quality & design. Audi Dubai wanted to generate interest and pre-sales ahead of the launch for this intelligent and elegant new model.

Service overview

Redefining luxury and sophistication, the new A8 is the pinnacle of automotive advancement

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“With such a pedigree our first challenge was where to start! Audi kindly provided a plethora of photos and video from which we were to craft an engaging HTML5 advert appealing to discerning users who wanted to own the latest and greatest Audi to date.”

James Pruden
Managing Director, Xigen

Expressing individuality with custom animation

We created custom animations where video wasn’t available to help increase interest and engage the user. Moving icons were also created for some of the more technical adverts.

Series of adverts

Creating a multitude of smaller ad units meant that we were able to match them together in a series of shapes and standard IAB sizes giving the client ultimate flexibility.

Audi Display advertising campaign

Content wall

All of the units could be used together if needed to form a wall on content, visually stopping the user in their tracks and further increasing the click through rate of this already engaging ad unit.

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