A+E Networks encompass an array of popular channels, broadcast throughout the UK and Europe.

These channels are supported through a variety of digital assets such as emails, banners and printed material.

Goals included:

  • Utilise their high impact imagery to deliver attractive and engaging assets
  • Push their branding strategy and support new campaigns
A + E network brochure



Our challenge was to deliver engaging on brand material for several different broadcast channels controlled by A+E Networks.

As A+E Networks control several different broadcast channels (for example, the ever-popular History channel, the new channel Blaze, and the female audience focused Lifetime channel) these also carry their own branding signature and style. Within this branding, our challenge is to deliver new and exciting assets which not only engage the user, but also delivers clear messaging, especially in the case of brochure material.



Supporting sales collateral

For digital assets, Xigen produced a wide variety of invite emails and internal supporting sales collateral which could be used by internal teams to push their content to key decision makers. Xigen also produced designs for DVD box sets which would house footage from their latest shows – these box sets were designed to use the specific branding from the channel, such as History and Lifetime.

DVD cover design
DVD boxset design
brochure print design

Network brochure

Xigen produced key leading brochures to support channel launches and new season highlights to accompany annual kick off presentations from the network.

dvd casing design
brochure design
print design
network brochure
digital and print design brochure