Creating a high-quality paid-traffic campaign that led to a 58.2% increase in page clicks

With over 20 years of experience in the security industry, Harling Security specialises in providing security products and systems for commercial and educational organisations.

Offering a range of products from automated gates and security fencing to access control systems, the brand counts Willmott Dixon, Kier, and Lockheed Martin among its loyal clients.

Service overview

The Challenge

Harling Security wanted to promote its automated gates to new customers in both the commercial and educational sectors. The sales and marketing team’s goal was to increase the number of inbound enquiries received.

After discussing the project, we agreed that the best way to appeal to this target audience was through a paid ad campaign and a product-specific landing page.

Landing page optimisation and design

While Harling Security already had a page for automated gates, the content was not reviewed and optimised to encourage traffic and enquiries.

Our conversion rate optimisation experts redesigned the page with paid traffic in mind, taking both copy and page design into consideration. Restricted header navigation kept users focused on page content, minimising the chances of them leaving the site.

It’s important for landing pages to be clear and simple, to ensure prospective customers stay on the site for as long as possible and convert. Our team kept the page copy succinct, focusing on the main USPs and relevant keywords to increase the Google Ads quality score. Images, client logos and industry accreditation badges made it easier for clients to read the page from start to finish.

Social proof builds trust with users, and we included testimonials from high-profile clients, as well as a Trustpilot review score for the business. In addition, detailed case studies showed prospective customers what Harling Security could do for them.

The call-to-action can make or break a landing page. We kept the call-to-action simple and clear, repeating it several times across the page and using a bright orange button to complement the grey and green colour theme.

Website analytics changes comparing stats 3 months before the launch to 3 months after the launch:

Paid search traffic changes comparing stats 3 months before the launch to 3 months after the launch:

Google Ads PPC campaign

While several types of Google Ads campaigns are available, we opted for a paid search campaign. This enabled Harling Security to appear at the top of Google Search for its chosen keywords, and use enticing copy that encouraged the right target audience to click.

Before creating the campaign, we carried out detailed research, looking at keywords that Harling Security’s target audience searched for, as well as words and phrases used by competitors. The aim was to provide a high click-through rate but ensure the client received a great return on investment.

Our PPC specialists used audience targeting to reach two sectors:

  • Educational – schools, universities, and colleges
  • Commercial and industrial – buildings including offices, recreational sites, sports venues, and car parks

As character space is limited in Google Ads, showcasing your business in as few words as possible is essential. We used keywords, unique selling points and a solid call-to-action to encourage clicks, as well as extensions that provided more information about why Harling Security was a trusted and high-quality choice.

Our team regularly reviewed Harling Security’s PPC campaign, using data to make changes and ensure ads were optimised as much as possible.

Page specific analytics:

Over 50% of people are scrolling the full length of the landing page

2.07 mins avg. time on page compared to the website average of 1.32 mins

Campaign specific stats over 6 months since launch date:


We created a PPC campaign that drove the right traffic to the Harling Security website and a fully optimised landing page that encouraged web users to request a quote.

One in two people scrolled the full length of the landing page, leading to a boost in leads and a delighted client.